What is Advocacy?

  • Encouraging people to make informed choices, developing confidence
  • Listening to and encouraging people to take control of their own lives and ensuring people’s views are heard
  • Working with people to enable them to attend meetings and participate effectively
  • Supporting people to ensure that decisions are made in their best interests


When you might need us:

  • When you feel you might not have been dealt or spoken to in an acceptable manner
  • Help with care management, housing, benefits
  • Help accessing services, safeguarding and healthcare issues


Our Advocates at Disability Croydon are here to:

  • Listen and assess your needs 
  • Help you make your own decisions 
  • Support you at meetings 
  • Write letters on your behalf 
  • Help you explore options available for you 
  • Make sure that you know your rights 
  • Support you in speaking out 

If you would like to enquire about this service or arrange a meeting with one of our advocates, please contact us.