What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is used to ensure that minority and disadvantaged individuals have the means to know about, and gain, the same life opportunities as others. Advocacy has the ability to make a big difference to a person’s life. It has the ability to support and assist in resolving many issues that a person may be facing in their life, by helping them speak out, express their views and to know and defend their rights. The people that help you do these things are called Advocates.

When would I need an Advocate?

Unfortunately, having a disability can add to creating many barriers and hardships in life, such as unemployment, housing situations, low income and emotional stress. It can also cause an individual to experience discrimination, isolation and exclusion.

You may need an advocate to help you deal with social workers, the local authority, help with stay safe, advice on how to get thing done and even with ways of getting out and about safely.

While you may feel that you only need the support to get through a small situation or a helping hand in resolving big issues, our Advocates at DisabilityCroydon are here to: Listen and assess your needs Help you make your own decisions Support you at meetings Write letters on your behalf Help you explore options available for you Make sure that you know your rights Support you in speaking out If you would like to enquire about this service or arrange a meeting with one of our Advocates, contact us or alternatively you can fill out a referral form below.


Advocacy Referral Form

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