Who we are

Disability Croydon exists to offer information, advice and support to disabled people and their families, on issues which affect their daily lives.

Established in 1977 as the Croydon disablement Association, we changed our name to Croydon Association of People with Disabilities and became an organisation run by an executive committee of people with disabilities.

Since developing in the Disability Croydon of today we have worked on numerous projects and initiatives to better the lives and increase opportunity for people living with disabilities.

How we aim to help:

  • Eliminate barriers and empower people living with disabilities to fully participate in society
  • To increase awareness of disability and other related issues
  • Promote independence for those living with disabilities
  • Advice organisations on how to best support those with disabilities.
  • Assist and encourage disabled people to have a voice

We are currently working as part of the Advice Services Croydon (ASC) consortium, providing seamless access to information, advice, advocacy and hearing support services.

Access to high quality independent information and advice is an important factor in enabling people to make informed choices about issues that affect them.

Advice Services Croydon (ASC) is a consortium of four local charities.

• Age UK Croydon (Lead Organisation)
• Croydon Hearing Resource Centre
• Croydon Vision
• Disability Croydon

For more information on ASC services please visit our website: www.adviceservicescroydon.org.uk/